50 degrees in October feels like the first intimation of winter. 50 degrees in March feels like a heat wave. The whole world seems to be breathing out one big sigh of relief. The snow is melting, the ice is gone, vast swaths of ground have reappeared. Granted, most of the soil doesn’t look so […]


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Could this be our February thaw? The ice is melting under the tiny shelves that form at the edges of the snowbanks. You can hear dripping all around outside. It’s still not melting fast enough to suit me, and while I was hacking at crunchy, cracking ice, I found out that my scarf is indeed […]

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The post no one will see

I’m pretty sure no one’s going to see this post unless you know to look for it, just as I’ve been looking for snowdrops in my yard since January. Usually a few show up around Martin Luther King Day, but I didn’t see one this year until the last week of February, jammed in there […]

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