Rounding the heel

It’s starting to look like a sock. Getting through all the awkward stages of creating the heel feels like rounding rounding a very small scale Cape Horn, what with the backtracking and dropped stitches, not to mention the occasional lack of conviction, disbelief, and baffled rereading the instruction. I still think the way this sock […]


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Rawr! I’m a sock

It only took four tries over the course of a week to figure out how to knit the bit of triangle that shapes the heel. Now it looks like a purple stripey mouth gaping to eat up my time. Too bad, sock monster. No knitting for you for a few days.

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The sock flaps

Since one of the purposes of knitting a sock means I have something to do on the subway, I was knitting on the subway the other day, and someone asked about “that little red thing.” I explained my row counter, only to find another knitter nearby, watching me! We geeked out about knitting and socks. […]

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Sock in progress

I really should have known better than to buy a skein of sock yarn just because I like the colors. It seemed logical. It’s best suited for socks, so I should knit a pair of socks. I looked up some basic sock patterns, bought needles and jumped in. Then I got the skein tangled so […]

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