The sock flaps

Heel flap outside a sock
The outside of a sock's heel flap
Heel flap inside a sock
The inside of a sock's heel flap

Since one of the purposes of knitting a sock means I have something to do on the subway, I was knitting on the subway the other day, and someone asked about “that little red thing.” I explained my row counter, only to find another knitter nearby, watching me! We geeked out about knitting and socks. When I confessed that this was my first one, there was lots of knowing laughter about Second Sock Syndrome.

First I have to finish this one to find out whether I’m going to succumb. I doubt I will. After all, I didn’t suffer from Second Glove Syndrome or Second Mitten Syndrome.  I’m more dubious that I’ll have a sock done before the next winter. I’ve barely reached the end of the flap that will form the back of the heel. It felt odd enough to be knitting just half the tube, but I’m about to embark on the part where you’re really confronted with the fact that feet are not made of conventiently-shaped cylinders.

Somehow I’m about to create the bend for the heel. Somehow I’m going to bring the sides back together. I keep rereading the instructions for what comes next, but I’m still not sure I get it. I just have to trust that it will once I actually knit it.