A green and happy new year

My herb garden wishes you a Happy New Year. Scallions are standing up and waving from the back. On the left quadrant, thyme is lounging. And on the right, bright green parsley clusters around the solar lamp. In the mild winter we’re having, a few mornings of frost doesn’t even dent these hardy souls.

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Turkey thyme

I keep forgetting that I have parsley still growing in one corner of the herb garden. In the mean thyme, there’s a plant that seems determined make sure there is no parsley left to forget about. So with a mighty snoop of my scissors, I cut off a wave of thyme. Thus, the latest harvest. […]

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Harvesting thyme

I swear I cut off huge fistfuls from the thyme plant, but it’s still so massive, it doesn’t look any different. Now the stems are stacked up in the food dryer, and the whole house smells like the best stew ever.  There’s plenty more thyme where that came from. Anybody want some thyme?

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Herb Garden

Here’s the corner that I’ve designated as the herb garden for this year. From upper left to lower right, to upper right to lower left, it’s Parsley, Dill, Cilantro, and Thyme. And scallions in the middle, but they don’t scan.

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