The usual suspects are in the goldenrod

August started early in the goldenrod. They’ve been flowering for a couple weeks and bees love it. I’ll try to catch more pics of the little bees  later. For now, here’s a bumblebee,  a honeybee, and a mystery wasp.

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Bees and Onions

This is what happens when you let an onion get away with being an onion. It was sprouting and I let it sprout. Then I planted it in the ground, and it was growing and I let it grow. Finally, it sent up a flower shoot and I let it flower.

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Not the last gasp of a wasp

One of those snapdragons in the shaggy garden photo yesterday, turned out to have a wasp clinging to a leaf. The orange antenna mean it’s a European Paper Wasp. The rakish curl in those same antenna mean it’s a male, holding out for one last good time before the bitter end.

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Swaying, buzzing goldenrod

After a cool June and a wet July, August is actually August! What a concept. Hot, muggy weather. Suddenly darkening skies that tease with the promise of a thunderstorm. And goldenrod arching up from the ground and swaying under the weight of bees and other buzzers. Goldenrod is one of the best bee plants. Sometimes […]

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