Earthworm’s pantry

I like seeing the earthworms in the ground; it tells me that the soil is good and nutritious for nightcrawlers. It’s getting cold and wet (very wet, today) but lots of leaves are covering the ground. the organisms that break down the leaves are  good eats if you’re a worm. So it’s stocking up for […]

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Night in the garden

I’m out looking for the cat. It’s late. It’s dark. The world is full of strange sounds, from the  occasional crinkle of leaves, to the piping of birds, to half-heard talk and laughter. The cat is nowhere is sight.

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Time to read Darwin

2009 is Darwin Year, among other things, because it’s 150 years since On The Origin of Species was published. I’m a little late mentioning this, because the commemoration really started last July, on the anniversary of the day Darwin felt pressed to lay claim to natural selection. So one of my resolutions for this year […]

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First fruits

Here’s the first batch of daffodils cut. They’re now on my desk, exuding so much soapy scent, I’m sneezing. And my fruit trees arrived!

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