Why you should leave leaf litter on the ground

Daffodils and tulips

The flowers look amazing right now, but the really amazing awakening is what you hear at night.

With the ground warming, you can go out and hear last fall’s leaves crackling as if being spattered by an invisible rain. The rustling is all around, as if something is sneaking up on you from all sides. If you listen patiently and follow the sound, you’ll find one of those leaves, rocking, rocking. You might just spot the very tip of a nightcrawler’s head reaching up from its burrow. And if you’re very quiet and watch closely, you’ll see it open tiny lips and get a grip on the leaf and tug it in.

Rustle, rustle.

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2 thoughts on “Why you should leave leaf litter on the ground

  1. Ha.

    Hey, Pam – There’s a character in the short story I’m currently working on who uses the screen name “LeifLitter.” I just thought you might be amused by that.

    – Chris

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