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Spring flowers are feasts for bees

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In years past, mid-April has been when the crocus peak, but the crocuses are already done. This year, most of the flowers are at least two weeks early. In fact, so much has been flowering in the last week, I’m having trouble keeping up.  The bees are having a great spring.

So while they are still on show in real life, here are some flowers on the web: Blueberries, apples, grape hyacinth, dandelions, wild violets, and yes, even tulips


A song for tulips passing

Tulips in their moment in the sun

Grass is still growing.
Wind is still blowing.
Sun shines, clouds pass.
But the tulips are done showing.
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More spring flowers

Peach blossoms, pear blossoms, and lots of tulips.

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All joining the plum blossoms.

Tulips for Easter Sunday

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What more is there to say except that the sun is out and the tulips are prospering?


Tulips are coming

Tulip in bud

All those leaves, just to sustain the creation of that little bud.

Spring is ready

It hit 80 degrees outside today. All sorts of green plants are coming up, getting ready to put on another show. I even have two barrels of compost that cooked over the winter, ready to spread on them again. I’m almost ready to enjoy the coming spring.

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But first you have to convince me that it’s not going to snow again.

Armies of bulbs

Grape hyacinths advance on tulips

The bulbs are massing into sweeps of color. From this angle, it looks like the blue grape hyacinth are planning to go after the tulips. And that daffodil might get caught in the middle. But standing there what I really noticed was the sweet, soapy scent of lots and lots of flowers.

Okay, bees. Come and get it!


Sunny tulip in the sun

The sun is out. The first big fat tulip is open. More to come.


Tulips today, bumblebees tomorrow?

Tulip being ignored by bumblebee

Spring continues to proceed. The sun continues to shine. The first tulips are open, inviting bees to come visit. But do they?

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The earth is wearing green

Tulip leaves wave hello

That rain was good for lots of things. Tulips sprouting. Daylilies sprouting. Groundcovers coming back. It’s good for lots of green.