Nebula 2008 scorecard

I wasn’t even close. I wasn’t surprised that none of my favorites won, but I guessed only 1 out of 4 right of the Nebula winners. Oh, well. It’s just a game, and I’m not even a player. Someday, someday. Here. Have a another tulip.

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Flower power–wow!

Yesterday my tulip patch were all green buds, with only a hint of color. Today, thanks to our spring heat wave, they just exploded. These are my favorites, bright yellow with red flames, a small part of a mix of Darwin hybrids, which have been coming back, better and better every year.

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Species tulips

The first tulips are showing up, little guys that are closer to the original species than the big bright hybrids. Supposedly, they’re more robust, and here’s a couple that have worked for me. Like for instance these little pink and white ones here.  It’s been a while since I planted them and left them to […]

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Promising Greenery

I feel like such a wuss. A couple weeks of nice weather and suddenly 55 degrees feels cold again. The plants don’t mind. There’s bleeding heart coming up, even though I moved them. There’s tulips holding their colors in reserve. There’s hosta, too.

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