Species tulips

Tulip x griegii "Mary Ann" (I think)
Griegii Tulip "Mary Ann" (I think)

The first tulips are showing up, little guys that are closer to the original species than the big bright hybrids. Supposedly, they’re more robust, and here’s a couple that have worked for me. Like for instance these little pink and white ones here.  It’s been a while since I planted them and left them to duke it out against the weeds.  They’re holding their ground, even sending up a couple more as time passes. Trouble is, it’s so long, I’m not entirely sure of the name.

Tulipa Prastans "Fusilier"
Tulipa Praestans "Fusilier"

This one I am sure about the name. The clusters of orange-red flowers pop up in little fusillades every year.

More to come.