First a warning: if I start skipping days, it’s going to happen this month. I will keep up with posting about non-fiction books on Saturdays, and my garden on Sundays, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen on weekdays.

The thing is, I never intended this to be a review blog. For me, it’s a handy place to put my cleaned-up notes and tag for what I want to revisit. So, now that I’ve read the Nebula and Hugo nominees, I’ve had enough of reading stories that other people like. I want to go back to working out what exactly it is that I like in stories, and which buttons they’re pushing.

I have a lot of follow-up reading I’d like to do, like finishing Brasyl. For short works, I want to re-read a couple of old favorites, such as “Dancing on Air,” “A Siege of Cranes,” and “Planet of the The Amazon Women;”and track down new (to me) ones, like “Luminous.” Authors I want to read more of include Vera Nazarian, Ted Chiang, Nalo Hopkinson, Elizabeth Bear, Daniel Abraham. Robert Charles Wilson.

For non-fiction, I’ve got more bird and bee books to post about, and some other non-fiction I’m interested in includes The Mind of The Raven and The Fabric of Reality.

But really, I have no idea what’s coming up.