Am I Writing A Lot?

I devoured How To Write A Lot at the end of June, and decided to try out its advice for the month of July. The book advises you to schedule your writing at a regular hour, commit to that hour, and defend it–even against your own bad habits. So did it help?

A little.

In June, I usually started at midnight (arg) and fought with the story for about an hour. If I started during daylight hours, it felt like a miracle. A few times I wrote for two hours in the evening, but produced about my average.

Average words written or revised: 400

In July, it took me a while to settle on a regular time. It wasn’t until the last week that I stated my goal as: “I will start writing by 11 am.” I write for an hour. A couple times I wrote for two hours in the afternoon, but I actually produced less than average.

Average words written or revised: 650

I guess I am writing more, though I’m not ready to call it “a lot”. I still write slowly, daydreaming the story and chewing over the words I need to describe it. The biggest difference is that I feel better. (Sleeping at night might have something to do with that.) I’m not spending the whole day with the need to get my writing done hanging over me.

I’m also better at remembering to decide what I will work on next. It helps that I am slightly more clearheaded two hours after I’ve woken up than two minutes before my eyes droop into sleep.

Even though July was a transition month, setting a regular hour made a difference. I am sticking with this plan for the month of August, and we’ll see what more difference will come of it.

Are you writing a lot?

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