Flash to the rescue

As the current story I’ve chosen to work on turns into a morass, last night I was feeling completely uninspired. The only way I could finish something last night was to start something new. Feeling a bit desperate, I resorted to my collection of prompts and came up with “Write about a hat.” So I […]

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Story #10 is delivered

Just when I had decided not to worry about writing flash stories in order to catch up to the story a week pace, I wrote a flash story. It’s about 400 words that I guess are all right. I’m calling it “Special Delivery”.

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Burning the candle on three ends

For the last month, I’ve been burning my candle on three ends. First, there’s the challenge of trying to write a story a week. Second, there’s the spring Real Ale festival that I help organize, NERAX. And the third is spreading the word about native bees, with Friends of Bees. So it’s probably not too […]

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