Story #9 is done, but that’s it

So maybe I can stop using exclamation points. Story #9 is “Moving Out”, about 700 words about making a big move.

Actually I finished it a week ago. Last week, I was sort of hoping to write a bunch of flash fictions. So I went back to my Boskone notes for inspiration. This year, one of the events I went to was a “writers’ warmup” session on Saturday morning run by Elaine Isaak. We did a few writing exercises, and afterwards she recommended a book of prompts called Take Ten For Writers, by Bonnie Neubauer.

The book offers some excellent advice for keeping the words flowing when you’re drafting. The way the book is structured is appealing: just generate a couple of random numbers, and you have a prompt. The exercises in Take Ten are often fun. But some of the formatting tries too hard to be fun. I can’t read small print on dark colors. Sadly, only one of the exercises led to a story for me.

So this week, I’m not trying to catch up. I just picked a half-drafted story that’s been talking to me, even though it feels too big to write it in a week. One can always hope I turn out to be wrong.