Boskone to the end

Naturally, the last panel I went to at Boskone was “How Do Endings Matter?” It was a small crowd eager to join the discussion with Debra Doyle, Toni L. P. Kelner, Jim Mann, and Peter Weston Toni L.P. Kelner opened with the classic definition of a good ending being one that leaves you surprised, but […]

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YA at Boskone

Consider how many YA books were mentioned at the “If You Liked That, Read This” panel, I was expected even more recommendations from “Why Adults Love YA.” But Bruce Coville, Michael J. Daley, Sarah Beth Durst, Margeret Ronald, and Navah Wolfe pretty much stuck to the topic. Short answer: What’s wrong with liking books that […]

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How beer leads to books at Boskone

Possibly the high point of hanging with friends and talking came at the literary beer at the end of Saturday, with various alumnae of the Ultimate SF Workshop, headed by one of our teachers, Craig Shaw Gardner. Sadly, Jeff Carver succumbed to mystery bugs.  So Hello again to Fran, Chris Howard and his daughter Chloe, […]

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