My rewriting wresolutions

One of the up sides of going to Boskone is just hanging out with fellow writers. One of the down sides is repeatedly being confronted with my difficulties in letting go of the stories I’m working on. There’s the pen story, in which a merchant’s daughter discovers that the pen she borrowed is a lot […]

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A Proper Boskone Recap

Here’s what I remember from Boskone. Highlight: Buying a skein of yarn hand-dyed in beautiful shades of lilac, plum, and lavender without any idea what I would knit with it. Not a highlight: Discovering that knitting with other knitters is so distracting that I had to undo all that knitting. Interesting quantum of fact: The […]

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Back from Boskone

Got up. Got out of bed. Dragged a brush across my head. Went out. It was fine. Never had to stand in line. Got back. Had a nap. Dragged a cat across my lap. And that’s enough of that.

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Boskone 2009

Unlike Readercon, which I eagerly await,  Boskone always sneaks up on me and suddenly it’s time.  Though it actually started last night, I’m going to Boskone just for today and tomorrow.  I may not post anything Sunday night. I’m planning to have lunch with my teachers and cohorts from the Ultimate SF workshop. There’s lots […]

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