A Proper Boskone Recap

Pretty purple yarn
Pretty purple yarn

Here’s what I remember from Boskone.

Highlight: Buying a skein of yarn hand-dyed in beautiful shades of lilac, plum, and lavender without any idea what I would knit with it.

Not a highlight: Discovering that knitting with other knitters is so distracting that I had to undo all that knitting.
Interesting quantum of fact: The idea of species–of types of organisms with fixed boundaries–is creationist.

Things I learned from “How Not to Edit Yourself”:

  • Alcohol is a writer’s crutch not because it makes you more creative, but because it shuts up the inner editor.
  • If you can’t write, pretend you’re describing the story in detail to a trusted friend.
  • Science fiction stories have long formed a dialogue with other SF stories. Find a story where you can see what’s wrong with it, and write your version. Sell it.
  • Software tools: AutoCrit and Text Aloud.
  • There is some editing you can’t do yourself.

Things I learned from “Write A Story Now!”:

  • Flash isn’t a pomelo, it’s a kumquat.
  • Think about the ending first.
  • The conflict has to be really simple.
  • Try using Write or Die to keep yourself moving.

Not a highlight: What I wrote during “Write A Story Now!”

Highlight: The Eye of Argon!


2 thoughts on “A Proper Boskone Recap

  1. Thanks so much for coming to the flashfic workshop, Pam!

    I wasn’t thrilled with the specific story I wrote during the workshop, either, but I’ve been delighted by other flashfiction and nonfiction that I’ve written under the tyranny of the clock. It has a better risk-to-reward ratio than, say, a nickel slot machine.

    Also, I’m curious about “Mars Needs Worms”. How’s that going?

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