How beer leads to books at Boskone

Possibly the high point of hanging with friends and talking came at the literary beer at the end of Saturday, with various alumnae of the Ultimate SF Workshop, headed by one of our teachers, Craig Shaw Gardner. Sadly, Jeff Carver succumbed to mystery bugs.  So Hello again to Fran, Chris Howard and his daughter Chloe, Skott, Badger, Elena, Tim, Andrew, and at least one more whose name I failed to write down. And some of us may turn up at Vericon in March.

Since beer was involved, I wasn’t exactly taking detailed notes, but there were also some intriguing books mentioned. Thus, the Books To Investigate list grows.

Sun of Suns, by Karl Schroeder (of the future panel)
Coyote Dreams, by C. E. Murphy
The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
45 Master Characters, by Victoria Schmidt mentions Inanna’s story as the Heroine’s Journey.

I skipped out on the “Heroine’s Journey,” even though for about an hour Saturday afternoon, nearly all the women were attending that panel. And nearly all the men were at the “Fermi Paradox” panel (as in Where are the aliens?).  I hate crowds, so I backed out of both rooms. I also really didn’t like the feeling of being forced to choose sides in some weird gender topic war.  So what did I end up talking about? An adventure fiction about a girl dressing as a man in order to pursue her dreams.

Go figure.