Yes! I finished story #5! And #7!

Pretend Polar Bear on pretend ice in a pretend ocean.
Pretend Polar Bear on pretend ice in a pretend ocean.

And it was only a quarter past midnight last night, as opposed to the early weeks of sleep deprivation when I stayed up until 2 am on a couple of Sundays trying to meet the story a week deadline. The story I began fifth turned out be to about 6700 words, called “65 Million Years To Earth”.  Since I’m waiting for comments from my critique group, I’m not going to say anything more about it.

While I was working on it, not only did I skip ahead to story #6, but I forgot to tell you that I also finished and submitted story #7 to a flash fiction contest called Three Minute Futures.  My Three Minute Futures Story is about 600 words, called “The Dream You Had About Polar Bears.” It’s about a researcher trying to figure out how to make plastic ice floes for the polar bears.

So now we’re on Week 13 of the Story A Week challenge.  That puts me 6 stories behind. As I said before, this is NERAX week. (Have I mentioned over 100 casks of beer and cider lately?) Hopefully, I’ll get at least one flash fiction done this week. Next Monday, I’ll regroup and see what I need to do to catch up.