Spatchcock turkey

You know summer is over when the bags of charcoal have migrated out of the meat department into hiding under the checkout lanes. Don’t they know Labor Day is your last chance to barbeque? That’s what I was thinking, looking at my huge Weber. It hardly seems worth firing it up for just a couple burgers, which means it doesn’t get used nearly as much as it should. I had to cook a turkey.

So we spatchcocked it and brined it and laid it out on the grill. It should have taken only two hours to cook, but I had to open it to add coals a couple times. So at the two hour mark when I stuck a thermometer in the thighs…180…180…it, it was done! Amazing. When I barbeque, it’s never done on time.

The spatchcocking laid it out flat, ish, so it all cooked evenly. The legs were cooked through and the breast meat was moist, the perfect example of something so simple and so yummy, you can’t believe you don’t cook it more often. So for those of you who helped eat it and reduce the amount of leftovers, Thank you!