How to Keep Cats Out of the ‘Nip

Notice the close trim
Catl-trimmed catnip

Bees like catnip, but everyone knows cats love it, the fresher the better. If you try to grow some for them, they’ll eat the plants right to the ground if you let them. So we don’t let them.

Catnip cage
Catnip cage
Cat approved!
Cat approved!

The catnip grows in a cage made of a aquatic plant basket with some windows broken out. It’s been set in a collar of concrete so the cats can’t knock it over. That way the cats only eat the parts that grow out of the cage. Or roll on it. Or buff it with their heads. And then go nuts and take a long-shot charge at a mourning dove.


2 thoughts on “How to Keep Cats Out of the ‘Nip

  1. O Catnip! Girdest thou about thee thine armor and facest thou the enemies of thy family line!

    I had some seeds that are about three years old, and I planted them in a flowerpot. A surprising number of them sprouted despite the age of the seeds.

    We’ll see how far they get. The local cat population has been recently reduced due to a number of incidents and coyote visitations. Unfortunate. I liked some of those cats.

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