I missed a day.

I didn’t manage to hit “Publish” before midnight, and I was too sleepy to notice. But them’s the rules. I missed a day.

That’s how it works when you make a resolution. Eventually you trip. Mostly, I’m relieved that I don’t have a perfect record to maintain. It figured that I slipped up only after I stopped worrying about it. I’ll be impressed if I go another six months before missing a day.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog “Writing Almost Every Day.”

3 thoughts on “Awwww

  1. Even the most crazed of your crazed internet fanboys think it’s okay to take a day, or a few days off, eh. Your writing is partly based on your imagination, partly based on what you’ve read, partly based on the experiences you’ve had in life.

    Remember to do that third thing: have new experiences in life. When I think about Dean Koontz, I picture a big guy who spends some time driving around Southern California in a big SUV (with a golden retriever in the back) scouting out locations for his n+2 novel. He finds something interesting, gets out, leashes the dog, and talks to everyone he sees. Neat, huh? Okay, this version of Mr. Koontz exists only in my imagination.

    Personal anecdote: I once borrowed a dog (a malamute), and took the dog for a walk in the middle of Glendale. Lots and lots of women stopped and said things like “Oh he’s so cute, what’s his name?”

    I knew they were talking to the dog and asking about me. The dog was a girl dog. LOL.

    All righty, I’m rambling. It’s 2:49 a.m. local time. Anyways, it’s okay if you take days, or weeks off, from your usual routine. Take a cruise. Go to Disneyland. Borrow a dog and an SUV and scout locations for your next novel.

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