The obvious question

Ordinarily, I don’t like to write about things everyone else is writing about, but today I can’t ignore the election. So, the question everyone’s asking: You voted, right?

We took a stroll down to our polling place last this morning. We figured we would be at the end of the line of the early morning voters and before the lunch hour voters. It worked. There was a small line and a non-existant line. We walked right in, I was all pysched to vote for the guy with the big ears and the funny name and the guy with Tourette’s of the truth.

Seriously, I really wanted to see “Barack” on the ballot, but there was only room for “OBAMA AND BIDEN”. Fill in circle. Check. That’s it? Let’s see. Dum-te-dum. Vote for all the unopposed Dems in the other offices. It’s pretty boring to vote in one-party state. Vote on the propositions. Yep, that’s it.

On the walk home, we agreed that somehow it didn’t seem as thrilling as voting for Clinton in 1992.  I mean, that was the first time I voted for a president that I knew was going to win. But this time, I can’t be sure.

All signs say yes, but I still don’t quite believe it. I still feel the scars from 2000 and 2004. Oh, sure we joked about moving to Canada, but we still believed in fair elections in 1992. We weren’t worried about computerized voting or voter intimidation or vote theft. We still believed that even if our guy lost, the system was strong enough to hold one man in check. What a difference 16 years make.

Now my fingers are crossed so tight, it’s hard to type. We need to see it come true, soon. Then I’ll get excited.

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  1. Can you think of any science fiction / fantasy stories in which an election is central to the story?

    Only a couple spring to mind right at the moment (and look at the time! 1:30 a.m. Forgive me. I can’t sleep because my cat Regulus can’t sleep because I put a flea collar on her and she keeps changing position trying to find somewhere that doesn’t smell like flea collar).

    Both are by Isaac Asimov.
    One is “Franchise,” one of his Multivac series. Giant computer fills all seats by interrogating only one man. A whole new way to “vote.”

    The other was “Evidence” collected in the “I, Robot” anthology. A politician is accused of being a robot (part of a smear campaign).

    While I’m mentioning “I, Robot,” I remember the year the movie came out. All the talking heads and even plenty of print media were saying that it was “based on the novel by Isaac Asimov.” Well, the Asimov book is an anthology, not a novel. I do not recall Asimov writing a story named “I, Robot” either.

    The short story “I, Robot” was written by Eando Binder (a collaboration between two brothers, actually). This short story was made into an episode of The Outer Limits, and remade into an episode of The Outer Limits (in the 1990s). Interestingly, Binder & Binder wrote plenty of follow up stories, enough to be collected into an anthology. I do not remember the name of the anthology. It was one of the many many used science fiction books I purchased when I was in college.

  2. Yes!

    Yes, I’m excited now, and yes, I can think of an SF story about an election.

    “First Tuesday,” by Robert Reed. The president campaigns by visiting all voters by telepresence. Oh, and he’s Afro-Latin with dreadlocks. It’s available in the excellent 50th anniversary Best of F&SF collection.

  3. Setting this thread to music:

    Another one about an election: “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury. If you google for it, you can find the full text online. Yo ho ho, and enjoy some pasta matey while you read it. Arrr!

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