Books I didn’t read in 2008

Another resolution for this year is to be more selective about what I put on my To Read list. I’ve heard way too many interviews with engaging raconteurs, only to find that they gave away all the interesting stuff in the interview. And yet it’s really hard to totally give up on authors that I’ve gotten interested in.

So far, the only one I’m done♦ with is Jonathan Lethem. I managed to find one story by him that I enjoyed, but other than that, meh. Still, I kept hearing that Motherless Brooklyn was the book I really ought to read, but when I finally got hold of it, I couldn’t get very far. The opening paragraph is first-person Tourette’s, which is interesting from a rhythmic sense, but I didn’t think I could read a whole book like that. Fortunately the prose settled down into the narrator eating a bag of White Castle sliders with his friend. And the description was so spare, it wouldn’t make sense to someone who had never heard of White Castle. He glances into the burger and eats it. Nothing about the texture, the smell, the taste. Nothing about why it matters.

Though I really liked In The New Moon’s Arms, Nalo Hopkinson’s earlier books haven’t grabbed me yet. I’ve only tried Brown Girl in the Ring and Midnight Robber, so I haven’t given up on her.

And the biggest list of books I am tackling is Discworld. I’ve come to the end of the Rincewind line with Interesting Times. Unlike Pratchett‘s witches, Rincewind just doesn’t get any funnier to me. I did like the first few chapters, especially Lord Vetinari and his garden, designed by Bloody Stupid Johnson.  But when Rincewind and Cohen the Barbarian showed up, I could feel my will to read slipping away.  Oh well. There’s lots more from Sir Terry to read.

So after all that, I think that comes down to maybe three books I’ve decided not to read. Only 4,654,451,978 to go.