Orchid Tease

Orchid in bud
Orchid buds yesterday
Orchid bud about to say Feed Me!
Orchid bud today

I’ve been watching my orchid fill out its buds over the last month. Yesterday, I thought the buds looked full. Sure enough, today, I just see the first lips starting to part. Doesn’t it look like it’s thinking about auditioning to play Audrey?

Anyway, my orchid is a humble, easy-to-grow Phalaenopsis that I bought some years ago at a New England Flower Show. I just feed it with some of the water from the fish tanks, and every winter I get a spray of flowers.  It’s so easy, I sometimes think of getting another one, but the ones I like best are the ones that look exactly like the one I already have.

Soon, soon, flowers inside again.

6 thoughts on “Orchid Tease

  1. Edit: That was supposed to be wrapped in “Audrey” tags, dammit! Now it’s just lame, instead of being a dated meme.

  2. XML, of which HTML is a subset, allows arbitrary tags. I’m attempting something scriptwriterish, putting words in the mouth of Audrey. If wordpress doesn’t strip out blockquote tags, what I was trying to say was:

    I shall call you…..Mellow Me!

  3. Nope. WordPress is removing all the funny tags, although it does change the formatting of the blockquote. I’ll do an end run and replace the angle brackets “” with parenthesis “()”

    (Austin Powers)
    Curse you, WordPress! Your HTML cleansing powers are too strong for me, and your coffee tastes like …..!
    (/Austin Powers)

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