Coy orchid

The sun is moving. Suddenly, it’s no longer pitch dark at four in the afternoon. There’s a big melt storming in tonight. And the orchid is two.

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An Orchid, yawn

First thing I learned today:  don’t shovel snow before breakfast. You’re only supposed to do impossible things before breakfast. Shoveling snow is all too possible, but I felt wiped out all day. I had to rest up just to get the energy for a cup of tea.

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A hint of orchids

It’s time for the annual orchid tease.  Almost as if it can feel the moisture and sun of the January thaw outside, it’s peeling just the edge of one petal open, teasingly hinting at the first flower of the year.

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Orchid bud

I made a mad dash out and in to feed the birds, and another leisurely dash to play with my writing meetup, and all along the orchid is cleverly staying inside.

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