Orchids to come

Just as the outdoor garden is chilling down, here’s my phalenopsis orchid putting up a new flower shoot.  Just like last fall. What a nice orchid, so faithful!

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My first attempt at orchid pruning

Aww. My orchid finally ran out of gas, or at least the flowers did. They lasted until the end of June. Six months! Supposedly, I can get another spray from the same stem. Just cut it at the first node down from the spent flowers. Or cut it two or three nodes up from the […]


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Orchids are up

So if orchids are from the tropics, why do they flower in the dead of winter here? Not that I’m complaining, now that the stalk has just finished opening. There’s five flowers all together, but since they opened to alternating sides, it’s hard to get a picture showing them all at once. You just have […]

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We have orchid function

Annnd, five days later, my first orchid of the year is fully open. So if I’m crazy enough to follow a recent suggestion and make my own timelapse video of a phalaenopsis orchid opening, I know how long it takes. Tempting. There’s four more buds in the spray, and the next one has started to […]

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Orchid Tease

I’ve been watching my orchid fill out its buds over the last month. Yesterday, I thought the buds looked full. Sure enough, today, I just see the first lips starting to part. Doesn’t it look like it’s thinking about auditioning to play Audrey?

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New growth springs in fall

There isn’t a whole lot to show off outside, aside from piles of leaves and thickets of dead plants. But inside, my orchid is sending up a new flower stalk. As I mentioned last March, every year, It puts out a new leaf, and then it puts up a flower shoot. Usually when it puts […]

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The Great Bee Hunt

Here are some of the first pictures I took with that camera I was so excited about Friday. I was almost as excited to see my peonies weather a few days of rain without all the petals falling off. Too bad there’s no room for bees to get into them. That’s okay. I’ve got other […]

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