Fruit flies vs worm bin

Redworms in my worm bin
Redworms waiting for breakfast
A bucket of food scraps wrapped up for the worms
A bucket of food scraps wrapped up for the worms

While I still haven’t completely eliminated the fruit flies from the worm bin, I’m controlling them better. What’s really going on is the worms don’t eat the food scraps, they eat the tinier organisms that are eating the scraps. Meanwhile, fermenting food scraps are exactly the sort of thing fruit flies love. So I need a two part strategy to shift the balance:

Make it harder for the flies to get at the food.

Make it easier for worms to get at the food.

Each day’s food scraps get wrapped in newspaper, stuffed into a small food bucket, and frozen. The freezing will kill fly eggs (like the ones that rode in on the banana skins).

Thawing it the next morning helps jumpstart the breakdown, hopefully giving the worms a headstart. The packet of scraps gets tucked under a thick layer of moist leaves and hungry worms. When the tray is filled, I cover it with a sheet of newspaper and put another tray on top.

There’s more I could do, like blending the scraps to a puree, but I’m not ready to go that far. There’s plenty of worms in there, and if you look close, there’s even more egg cases. Little lemon-shaped glistening seed-like worm eggs scattered all over. More worms to come!

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