Simple fruit fly trap

I hope my fly trap isn’t too disgusting, but it’s so cold out, it’s so not worth getting a picture of the ice. I’ve tried some of the other designs, the cone over a jar, the holes in plastic, but this takeout cup is simplest and most effective trap  I’ve tried.

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Fruit flies vs worm bin

While I still haven’t completely eliminated the fruit flies from the worm bin, I’m controlling them better. What’s really going on is the worms don’t eat the food scraps, they eat the tinier organisms that are eating the scraps. Meanwhile, fermenting food scraps are exactly the sort of thing fruit flies love. So I need […]

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A peek into my worm bin

Icky Worm Girl speaking. This is my Worm Factory, which I’ve maintained for just about a year and a month. It has five trays with mesh bottoms. You bury food scraps under the bedding on top, and as the trays fill, the worms migrate to the upper trays. After a couple months, the bottom tray […]

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The garden sneaks inside

I have a worm bin so I can compost kitchen scraps over the winter. They’re supposed to eaten by worms and converted into vermicompost. Well, it seems a piece of potato refused to cooperate. Now there’s a potato plant in my worm bin. I could say something about the resilience of life in difficult places, […]

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