Simple fruit fly trap

This cup is made of corn, is environmental sustainable, compostable...
And it catches flies, too!

I hope my fly trap isn’t too disgusting, but it’s so cold out, it’s so not worth getting a picture of the ice. I’ve tried some of the other designs, the cone over a jar, the holes in plastic, but this takeout cup is simplest and most effective trap  I’ve tried.

It’s just your basic drink cup.  The slot for the straw is just big enough for the flies to get through. They seem eager to push in, but don’t try very hard to get out. The crazy thing is, for all the cup’s claims to be compostable and all that, it’s been remarkably durable.

As for bait, apple peels work. Banana peels work even better. Excess sourdough starter works great.

The best part is taking the little critters outside and releasing them into the cold.  I’m so evil.