The garden sneaks inside

Potato plant in my worm bin
I have a worm bin so I can compost kitchen scraps over the winter. They’re supposed to eaten by worms and converted into vermicompost. Well, it seems a piece of potato refused to cooperate.

Now there’s a potato plant in my worm bin. I could say something about the resilience of life in difficult places, but this isn’t exactly a deep-sea vent or Antarctic ice. It’s a nice, warm, nutritious (if you’re a potato) bin of worm castings.

The plant seems to determined to convert the compost into potato. It would be a pity not to find a place outside where it could grow. I might even get a whole crop of potatoes. And then I could cut them up and cook them and eat them and–

Isn’t the cycle of life wonderful?

Tomorrow: back to writing


2 thoughts on “The garden sneaks inside

  1. I hope you realize there’s a story in there. The power of the potato, so ordinary in appearance, so dangerous when left alone in a compost heap…

  2. Cue organ sting!

    I hope you realize you must write it. Potatoes on the Moon, maybe?

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