Writing every day

I really do write every single day. Even when I’m sick or traveling or busy. I’ve done so since September 3, 2000. Before that I wrote most days, and before that I wrote occasionally, and before that when I felt inspired, and before that I thought I would get around to writing some day. Oh, yeah. Before that I read comics. So if I can do it, despite mass quantities of procrastination, you can too.

Why should you write every day? It keeps the story in your mind. It builds momentum. If you set a regular time to write every day, you come to expect to write. Most of all, once you’ve been doing it for a while, your day doesn’t feel complete unless you write.

What helps:

  • Start small. Set a quota that you can sustain every single day. One sentence. One paragraph. One page. Twenty minutes. Even a little bit will add up, and if you like, you can always keep writing.
  • Keep track. Post a log in some way that’s easy you to see, like a wall calendar. (That’s how I know what day the checkmarks finally started hitting every single day.) Even better, make it public.
  • Give yourself permission to stay small. Some days you just can’t write for the full hour, or churn out that 1,000 words. It’s okay to write the bare minimum. What counts is opening that file and keeping it moving.
  • Pay attention. Try it for a week and then think about how it’s going. What’s working? What’s not? Find out what works for you.

So, what did you write today?

Tomorrow: books I look forward to reading


3 thoughts on “Writing every day

  1. Hi Pam!

    Completely agree. Great post. What did I write? I wrote a poem last night, submitted it to Chizine this evening. Hope it goes somewhere.

  2. Thanks!
    It feels a little presumptuous of me to tell people how to write. I’ve barely mastered Heinlein’s Rule 1: You must write.
    Good luck with the poem!

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