Re: Apologies All Around

I’ve discovered another podcast I like, the Drabblecast. It’s a mix of 100 word drabbles and flash fiction. While I work my way through the archives, my first favorite episode is the outstanding “Apologies All Around” by Jeff Soesbe. Winston Sinclair receives an apology from a man who crossed him many years ago–delivered by a robot.

What makes this production special is that it’s presented like a sitcom, complete with a theme song, laugh tracks at lines that aren’t actually funny, and a heart-warming moral. It threw me off at first, and yet the adaptation makes sense in that the characters form a family unit, and the theme is reminscent of “My Name Is Earl“. More importantly, the creative reading adds humor the imaginary commercial breaks strengthen the pacing, and the moral is delivered with grace.

Yet another example of a delightful story that turns out to a  first sale. Shows you where the bar is.