Re: Entropy in 606 Words

When I spotted “Entropy in 606 Words,” by Derek Zumsteg, my first thought was, It’s the toothbrush guy! Despite the complicated subtitle (“A Fictional Exploration of Current Thinking on Localized Entropic Models and Possible Associated Unexpected Phenomena”), the first line is simple enough:

Tom wake up more dumb. Bonk head on bed.

The diction alone is funny. I have to admit on the first read, I was struggling as hard as caveman mode Tom to figure out what was going on.  I still don’t get the allusion to Localized Entropic Models. But the punch line is a joke even a caveman would get.

Sounds dumb. Thinks smart.

4 thoughts on “Re: Entropy in 606 Words

  1. That had such incredible potential. I was laughing after just a few lines. I only wish it had kept pace after the first 145 words. I understood what was going on fine, but the author introduced a tangle of character confusion (giant brain, me, him, her, crowd, man, head bonk guy). I was lost with who and how many were present and had to re-read the middle section several times to follow.

  2. I’m not so much confused as uninvolved. It’s a long way to go for that punchline, although the dig “That more or less same for you.” did get a quiet snork.

    If anything, this story servers to illustrate the importance of failsafe design. If hadn’t found that breaker, the room would have wound up looking worse than the twinkie box stack.

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