Re: Eugene

I do love me some talking dog stories. They’re such fun! And you don’t even have to take them for walksies. Just listen to a reading of “Eugene,” by Jacob Sager Weinstein. Eugene is a dogman serving as a police officer. There’s such an immense amount of charm in his narration. The story itself is […]

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Re: Out Of His League

When Neil DeGrasse Tyson turned up on the Daily Show and Rachel Maddow last night, you just knew he was going to talk about Pluto. I certainly did, maybe because recently enjoyed “Out Of His League,” by Bruce Golden on the Drabblecast. It’s about baseball, painting amusing portraits of the characters who play it. It’s […]

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“ISO,” by Derek Zumsteg makes “Faith“‘s jaunt through the personals look even more nostalgic. The narrator is as spam-writer, who takes a commission to ghost-write an ISO ad in the W4M section. And those are the easy acronyms.

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Re: The Chinese Room

I admit it. I need some help with “The Chinese Room,” by Alec Deason.  From the first line, it paints a curious scene, full of wonderful details: It held out its palm for Jason to see. There was a single grain of sand on the worn plastic surface. “I have many thoughts,” the thing elaborated.

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Re: How High the Moon

“How High the Moon,” by Patrick Lundrigan is a charming story in which a couple argue over who is a robot and who programmed whom. It sounds almost like a game they’re playing with each other. But if one of them really is a robot, maybe they’re programmed to say that. Shades of Blade Runner.

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Re: Entropy in 606 Words

When I spotted “Entropy in 606 Words,” by Derek Zumsteg, my first thought was, It’s the toothbrush guy! Despite the complicated subtitle (“A Fictional Exploration of Current Thinking on Localized Entropic Models and Possible Associated Unexpected Phenomena”), the first line is simple enough: Tom wake up more dumb. Bonk head on bed.

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