Re: A Programmatic Approach to Perfect Happiness

You have to wonder what’s the point of making android robots, if not to, um date them. In “Eros, Philia, Agape” a robot suffers emotional abuse from a woman he’s designed to love, but he questions that. In Tim Pratt’s “A Programmatic Approach to Perfect Happiness,” a robot suffers sexualized abuse, but he’s programmed himself to enjoy that, so he doesn’t question that. It’s an interesting question, whether or not you ask it, and I liked both stories. Also the reading of teh latter one of Escape Pod gave me a nice, evil laugh at the end.

Since this story is about banging robots, there’s a lot of justifiable f-bombs.

Kirby is the robot husband of April. It is hinted that he can take more punishment than a real human can. Kirby is still struggling to win over his step-daughter, Wynter, while occasionally fending off April’s ex-husband, Raymond.

The story itself is rather slight. There’s just enough to get to know the characters in their fixations and contradictions, and to see how their world works.

The cool stuff is under the surface. Is it really love, if you program yourself to match your partner’s kink? Are you really happy if it’s a virus you contracted?  How long will a jealous lover be turned away by a dose of calmness?

I feel tempted to attempt a story that will answer some of those questions. But first I will go serve some beer at NERAX North.