Re: Stable Strategies

After seeing Eileen Gunn at Readercon last July, I finally checked out her collection of short fiction, Stable Strategies and Others.  It’s a slender volume filled out with three encomiums plus an author’s foreword plus endnotes for each story, all commenting about how slowly she writes. What she does write is good stuff.

The title story, “Stable Strategies for Middle Management” asks what if Kafka worked for Microsoft? The answer would have Alice from Dilbert pump her mighty Fist of Death. My favorite, “Fellow Americans” is a bit of a mishmash as a story, but I liked how this alternate history is filled with funny, especially showing how Richard Nixon could have been happy at last.  “Computer Friendly” rightly shows how creepy the merger of human and machine would be. And “Ideologically Labile Fruit Crisp” is the funniest and most practical recipe for fruit crisp I’ve ever seen.

The other stories included things like carp-eyed aliens, a stone whale, Cobain High, a lake of frozen zombies, and Grace Hopper in command of those goldbricks Heinlein and Asimov. How do you think of things like that?