Book-reading housekeeping

Now that a 2010 release has caught my interest, it’s time to clean up my reading lists for years past. It’s also time to get real about what I’m not going to read. In 2009, I tried to be more careful about adding books to the reading list, but I still didn’t read them all. Even after culling the lists, I still have four books from 2009, seven from 2008, and one last book from 2007 that I can’t let go of the desire to read. I haven’t even posted my notes for the books that I have read in 2009. So that makes it time for one more resolution.

So  I’m going to get the old reading lists out of the way before I get inundated by 2010. Furthermore, I’m not going to read all the Nebula nominees: the hit rate of books or stories I like is too low. I’m still planning to read the Hugos, though I’m not voting this year.

And now I’ve already picked up one of my requests at library.