2010 Hugos

The 2010 Hugo nominations have been announced, so I guess I have some reading to do.

I have to admit there’s a few books and stories  I don’t want to read, even to make sure I still think their authors are more entertaining as people than as writers (Sawyer *cough* Resnick *cough* Scalzi).

There’s a few I’m sure will be well-written, but I suspect I won’t be to my tastes (Mieville, MacDonald, Bacigalupi).

There’s a few that I’ve had mixed feelings about (Kress, Valente, Johnson).

Happily, there’s a few that I’m looking forward to reading, and now I have no further excuse to put it off  (Jemisen, Wilson, Stross).

And the rest I haven’t read enough to form prejudices about (and the rest). I wonder how my prejudgments will pan out.


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