A Plenitide of Pluripotential Plums

Plum branch bowed down into the grass

The plum tree that flowered so enthusiastically bent over under the weight of its fruits. I think every single flower set fruit. That exact same branch with all those flowers was drooping the deepest. The whole tree looked it was going to break.

It’s a Methley plum, and like other Japanese plum varieties, it tends to over set what it can actually bear.  So I thinned it today to about 3 inches apart. And then I came inside from the heat with a big basket of little green plums.

I couldn’t resist taking a taste. They taste … dry … astringent … bitter … sour. I tried a little salt, and then I could taste plum. One was softening already, and had a tiny bloom of pink inside. That one definitely tasted like plum. I can’t just compost them!

So I had fun looking up ancient frugal ways of dealing with all these unripe plums. I could make plum syrup or plum liquor.  I’m not really interested in making plum jam. I might be interested in savory options like Georgian red or green tkemali or Persian khoresht.

What to do, what to do.