First flowers herald plum blossoms

First flowers are opening everywhere. The first forsythia. The first periwinkle. The first tulips. Even the first white puff of the cloud of craziness that the plum tree is preparing to unfold. Yesterday, while I was outside admiring the flowers, a downy woodpecker came to visit the feeders  It flew almost directly at me, only […]

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Plum blossom one

Spring this year is coming rather leisurely. But here’s the first plum blossom. All we need now is for that bitter wind to calm down and let the sun shine on the bees.

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Plum bud jam

We’ve been getting some nicer weather lately, fine sunny days, scorching hot, up in the 50s, even. So it was time to climb up the hill and see what we’ve got.

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Flower power–wow!

Yesterday my tulip patch were all green buds, with only a hint of color. Today, thanks to our spring heat wave, they just exploded. These are my favorites, bright yellow with red flames, a small part of a mix of Darwin hybrids, which have been coming back, better and better every year.

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First fruits

Here’s the first batch of daffodils cut. They’re now on my desk, exuding so much soapy scent, I’m sneezing. And my fruit trees arrived!

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