First flowers herald plum blossoms

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First flowers are opening everywhere. The first forsythia. The first periwinkle. The first tulips. Even the first white puff of the cloud of craziness that the plum tree is preparing to unfold.

Yesterday, while I was outside admiring the flowers, a downy woodpecker came to visit the feeders  It flew almost directly at me, only to swerve aside at the end. I found a place to sit down at a distance and held still. Downy woodpeckers are bold, so it only took a half minute before it flew out of the bush and onto the suet feeder. I watched it eat for a while, but I was also looking up at the whitening buds on the plum tree.

Today I was out cutting down last year’s aster and coneflower stalk to get a better view of the plum. Bumblebees are scouting the yard; two of them practically butted heads. A paper wasp also seems to be looking for a good location. I think there might be a brown Early Miner bee or two, but I haven’t gotten close enough to confirm. Maybe when the plum tree blossoms, they’ll come foraging.

That plum tree is going to be amazing, I can see it already.