Raccoon Moon

Raccoon and kits raiding the bird feeder

The bright moon last night brought back the raccoon, and three kits as well. It was pretty funny watching them stuff themselves into the bird feeder, trying to convert sunflower seeds into raccoon. When they were done with that, two of the little ones waddled up the hill toward a scrawny raspberry that hasn’t been doing so well, and suddenly it wasn’t so funny.

Somebody tore off nearly all the blueberries a few nights ago, ripe and unripe. Somebody picked a bunch of green strawberries, took a bite and threw them away. Somebody has a sweet tooth and is too stupid to discern what’s actually sweet.

They were so stupid, they stopped short of the raspberries and started tearing up a clump of bladder campion that’s drying up and going to seed.  Raccoons will eat anything. Stupid, stupid raccoons.