Half a pear does not equal one

About a month ago, there were so many pears ripening, I wondered if I would be able to eat them all before they got too ripe. Now, look what I’m finding on my pear tree! Half-eaten pears, and drops on the ground with teeth marks all over. I feel lucky if I find a drop […]


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Plums are ripe!

The first ripe plums have been picked, not by me, but by the raccoons (I think). I found tooth marks in a few ripe ones, more marks in a bunch of unripe ones, and still more green plums thrown to the ground. The raccoons were so stupid, they missed a couple of ripe ones.

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Raccoon Moon

The bright moon last night brought back the raccoon, and three kits as well. It was pretty funny watching them stuff themselves into the bird feeder, trying to convert sunflower seeds into raccoon. When they were done with that, two of the little ones waddled up the hill toward a scrawny raspberry that hasn’t been […]

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Raccoon alert

Nothing says summer like heat waves, thunderstorms, and raccoons tearing up the bird feeders at night. Between the raccoons and the squirrels, that feeder takes a beating. And after the hordes of sparrows are done, it’s a wonder that there’s ever anything left for the blue jays and cardinals. There will be, for a little […]

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Raccoons jangle my brain

Funny noise out back. Something banging. Something clattering. Four raccoons! One cat. Four raccoons? Get in here, cat. Go away, raccoons! <grabs camera> I said, beat it!<two raccoons go out of frame> Scram! <flash!> How do you like that? Raccoons back off. Cat walks past. I open door. Cat strolls in. Phew!

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The evening bandit

Ah, I love getting visits from the local wildlife. I heard a thump from the feeders and sure enough, here’s a raccoon enjoying a leisurely supper. Cats watching from the windows don’t bother it. Flashlights shining don’t bother it. The flash of a camera sure as heck doesn’t bother it. Those sunflower seeds must be […]

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Unlike the skunks, who stroll by every night all bold and leisurely, the raccoons sneak around in darkness.  You might get up for a late-night pee and hear gnawing and chewing and noshing; and when you peer down from upstairs, there’s a raccoon emptying the bird feeders. Or you might be sitting by the window […]

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