Plums are ripe!

Plum hiding from raccoons

The first ripe plums have been picked, not by me, but by the raccoons (I think). I found tooth marks in a few ripe ones, more marks in a bunch of unripe ones, and still more green plums thrown to the ground. The raccoons were so stupid, they missed a couple of ripe ones.

Since I waited so long to thin them, they’re pretty small. Meanwhile, the basketful of thinned plums have actually softened and ripened as well. I suspect that the fact that they could do that is another sign that I waited too long. They ought to make for tasty plum syrup.

Anyway I got to pick the second batch of ripe plums. And there’s still plenty left on the tree.  Mmmm. Tree-ripened plums.


2 thoughts on “Plums are ripe!

  1. Plum syrup, now that sounds amazing. I am envisioning some sort of brandy vanilla ice cream with plum syrup drizzled on top. I am hoping to see plums pop up at the farmers’ market any day now.

    Hopefully the raccoons leave the rest of your plums alone!

    1. Wow, that sounds decadent!

      So far, the branches appear to be too slender to support raccoons. I’ve retrieved about a quart of fruit that could be either intense little plums or ginormous cherries.

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