Actually, I do have something to say

Despite my completely irrational fear that somehow I will jinx things if I tell you, I’m expecting my little evolutionary Just-So story, “The Tale of Titanosaur’s Tail”, to appear in the fall issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk.

I was even more irrational when I got the news.  It’s not like the fat letter or the skinny letter when you’re applying to college. All emails are the same size.  After you’ve received a few rejections, you really begin to brace yourself whenever you see a “Re: SUBMISSION” subject line in your inbox. So when you realize that the response is a Yes, all that tension goes springing through you, sending you jumping up and down, and squeaking:

I made a sale!

I still can’t believe I jumped up and down as if I had just won A Brand New Car on “Let’s Make a Deal”.


3 thoughts on “Actually, I do have something to say

  1. Thanks! I’m working on making it the first of many, but they can’t all be Titanosaur. Bambiraptor is still waiting for me to figure out what the deal is with that story.

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