What have I got to talk about today?

Right now, I’m currently having a fight with my virus software. (Oh wait, don’t mention that; it will bring out the fix-it impulses, complete with helpful suggestions and queries for details.) And by “fight”, I mean sitting around wondering if the AVG Repair option is going to work.

I picked up the turkey this morning, and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it went. Not much of a story there.

Oh! I know. I read an interesting discussion about why people want to write reviews. I suppose I fall into the class of “writer trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.” I don’t call what I do here “reviewing”. I keep a reading log so I don’t forget my impressions of stories, and this platform gets me an excuse to further sort out my thoughts and delete the more intemperate responses. And having tags for things like “stories I like” make it really handy for finding links to recommend when I talk about them with my friends.

Hmm. Still waiting on that AVG. Maybe it’s time to stop writing and hit “Save” so I can close Firefox.

Told you this was going to be random.