We’re doomed

I couldn’t find ice melt at all today. It was especially strange to walk all through the Home Depot and not see any boxes of shovels, stacks of bags of salt strategically placed every ten feet along the main aisle. The weirdest part was that it was all so neat, as if there were no reason to sell shovels and salt in the winter. There was no sense of pre-storm panic, no crowds milling about muttering, “salt, salt”, no shreds of crates torn about in the vain attempt to find another shovel where there is none. Just way too calm, for the calm before the storm.


2 thoughts on “We’re doomed

  1. Sounds more like the resignation of the damned.

    It’s just barely possible that they are completely out of stock.

    1. If only it were so prosaic. At another hardware store, they were honest enough to leave empty the shelves that usually get piled higher and deeper with bags of ice melt. At the Home Depot, the displays were arranged so that you couldn’t even tell where the salt is supposed to be. It’s like they weren’t just trying to cover up the fact that they were out of stock, but pretending that they never needed to stock it. And don’t bother asking when the next delivery might be; that would be telling.
      Very creepy.
      Meanwhile, it’s supposed to stay above freezing for a few days. So if I’m parsimonious enough I might have enough ice melt to hold out until that mystery delivery arrives.

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