Have you cleaned the dust out of your computer lately?

Dusty compuphages multiplying inside my computer

I think I know why my computer has been so sclerotic lately.   At first I thought it was some new software that was making my computer lock up twice a day. Then it locked up while none of the suspects were running. And I noticed that the fan seemed to be surging when I powered it back on, and which suggested it was overheating.  So I took the cover off.

Dust! I found so much dust inside, I could taste it on my lips. And calling them dust bunnies sounds too mild– these were dust stromatolites, layers upon layers, covering the bottom, the disk bay, the cards, laid down over the geologic ages since I bought this computer. There were compuphages evolving in there, devouring CPU cycles until my computer stopped dead in its tracks. It’s the evolution of life as revealed by dust.

I guess I hope I fixed it, I was afraid I’d have to think about replacing it. On the other hand, this means I have no good reason to buy a new computer. Rats!

I think this whole incident is god’s way of asking: Have you backed up your work lately?


2 thoughts on “Have you cleaned the dust out of your computer lately?

  1. That is a bit thick, but not the worst I’ve seen. That one included mouse droppings….

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