In which I blame the Internet for my own lack of discipline

I wasn’t doing too badly. A couple days ago, I finally got back to the point where all my finished stories are submitted. Yesterday, I finally got serious about sorting out the current silly story, and figuring what I want to do with it, and deciding that I want to be done with that stage by the last Friday of this month. Having set a new deadline, I felt so close to getting back on track, I thought I could afford an Internet break.

I got so distracted, not until today did I notice that I hadn’t even finished this post. I was wandereng in a heartbreaking and contentious and supportive place, the sort of space where just when you think you’ve read all the interesting posts, it draws you back in with thumbs-up from total strangers.  It’s like a little taste of getting a story accepted, but easily won and easily dismissed. Truly Facebook is the opiate of the shirking class.

“Like” that! I dare you.